Res Aequae Adr Srl

Iscritto al n° 185 del Registro degli Organismi di Mediazione del Ministero della Giustizia


ORARI SEGRETERIA: ORE 10.30/12.30 - 14.30/16.30
TEL. 0565/917931 - 335/7111722  FAX. 0565/1989112 EMAIL: SEGRETERIA@RESAEQUAEADR.IT PEC:

How does it work?

An application is submitted to the Organization

The responsible of the Organization shall appoint a Mediator, fixing a  first meeting between the parties (no more than 15 days from  the filing date)

The other party is advised (if necessary technical competencies, the Organization may appoint one or more mediators auxiliary)

The hearings are conducted without any formality at the head office of mediation or the place specified by the Rules of Procedure of the Organization and the mediator shall ensure that the parties reach an amicable agreement.

If an agreement is reached, the Mediator draws it up, and it is signed by the parties

The agreement (not contrary to public policy or mandatory rules), which may include the payment of fees for each subsequent violation or breach, is approved by decree of President of the Court, in whose district organization is located, after formal verification of the regularity;


If no agreement is reached the civil trial begins

If the Judge’s final decision corresponds entirely to the mediator proposal, there are important effects on costs.


In fact the judge may:
a) preclude the recovery of costs of the successful party who refused the proposal;
b) order to pay the costs of the counterparty;
c) order the payment of additional sum, an amount corresponding to the unified contribution due.

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