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Which mediation

In general, three types of mediation have been provided:

1) optional, when freely chosen by the parties;
2) mandatory (from March 4th, 2011), when imposed by law. In this latter case the mediation process must be completed, on pain of admissibility ( to be claimed in the first defense by the defendant, or by the court not later than the first hearing), in cases of disputes relating to particular matters, namely:

• building;
• real rights;
• Division;
• succession;
• Family Pact;
• Lease;
• convenience;
• rental company;
• Damages resulting from the movement of vehicles and boats;
• Damages resulting from medical liability;
• Damages resulting from defamation by the press or other means of advertising;
• Insurance, banking and financial contracts

3) Judicial,  when the judge orders the parties to undertake a process of mediation.  The order might be made at any time before the hearing provided for clarification of the findings or, if that hearing is not expected,  prior to the debate of the case.

The Institute of mediation may not involve:

• proceedings for injunction, including the opposition, pending on the applications for granting and withdrawal of provisional execution;
• procedures for validation of license or eviction until the change of rite of Article. 667 c.p.c.;
• the owners proceedings, up to the pending measures under Article. C.p.c. 703, paragraph 3, c.p.c.;
• the opposition proceedings incidental or cognition, relating to enforcements;
• proceedings in closed session;
• civil action pursued in the criminal trial.

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