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Dear Colleague,


BRDGES Academy is proudly committed to supporting Mediators Beyond Borders International (“MBB”). The mission of this cutting-edge organization is to build local skills for peace and to promote peace worldwide. I write to share an urgent message with you.

As the globe hangs in the balance between political tumult and the threat of armed conflict, and the US budget for Peace-oriented operations stands to be cut, I ask you
to donate to MBBI in honor of a peace-builder who inspires you.
Whether this is someone you know, someone you’ve heard of, or one of our International Training Institute (ITI) participants. I ask that you donate in their honor. These individuals continue to empower others to resist violent conflict and are key to transforming communities.

With strategic and operational partners, MBBI’s small team of staff reaches across
the US and around the world, engaging stakeholders, bridging divides, and building skills.  Whether it is community Dialogues after the San Bernadino shooting or peace caravans in pastoralist Kenya, we work better when we work together.

With your support, MBBI’s programs in 2017 are:


  • Addressing political polarization in the United States—as well as distrust
  • between individuals and toward institutions
  • Transforming communities in Kenya by supporting the work of newly-trained peace guardians in pastoralist areas
  • Training a new cohort of Women in Mediation from six Central & South

American countries

  • Preparing ex-combatants in Myanmar to transition to political and civilian life
  • Supporting governments, corporations, and communities globally in mediation, negotiation and building community cultures of peace
  • Initiating a dialogue with dignity on peace in South Thailand
  • Assisting development organization staff and volunteers by removing trauma

as a barrier to engaging the people they serve

  • Providing ECM training to government officials and organizations to engage stakeholders in responsible and sustainable development

Your gift is critical for MBBI to maintain and expand its existing programs and partnerships. We are learning as peace-builders, and as a global community, about preventing and transforming violent conflict. Let’s combine our strengths and get
it done!

I am asking that you support MBB as it continues building resilience within communities
globally. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated and I
thank you for your consideration.

With warm regards,
Lynn Cole








As you read this, Peace Guardians in Kenya are engaging their elders to bring the current violence to an end, farmers in Cambodia are learning mediation to resolve their land disputes, and former fighters and community members are participating in historic dialogues in Mindanao!


We will keep you informed of the progress of these efforts.


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